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Hormonal Health & Wellness offers you the highest standards of integrative medical care using a Functional Medicine Approach: comprehensive medical consultations, cutting edge and thorough testing and individualised, tailored treatment plans.

What is Functional Medicine?


Functional medicine is an integrative, science-based health care approach that treats illness and promotes wellness by focusing on the biochemically unique aspects of each patient, and then individually tailoring interventions to restore physiological, psychological, and structural balance.

Integrative/ functional medicine focuses on understanding the fundamental physiological processes, the environmental inputs and the genetic predispositions that influence health and disease, so that interventions are focused on treating the cause of the problem, not merely addressing symptoms.

Functional medicine looks at how the body is working and strives to maintain optimum balance in the body in order to prevent disease rather than addressing health when the body becomes diseased. It also looks at how all the systems of the body connect and impact one another, thus embracing a holistic approach.

Meet Our Team

Dr Simone Silver
Dr Simone Silver

Dr Simone Silver graduated from the University of Witwatersrand in 2007. Even as a medical student, she was intrigued...
Dr Alexia Van Der Velde
Dr Alexia Van Der Velde

Functional/ Integrative Medicine Practitioner Dr Alexia van der Velde received her MBChB from the University of Cape Town (UCT) in 2001.
Jurica Leslie
Jurica Leslie

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Kirby Murison
Kirby Murison

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Our Services

Medical Consultations

Medical Consultations

These one hour consultations give you and your practitioner the time you need to explore all your health concerns thoroughly.

Bespoke Treatment Plans

Bespoke Treatment Plans

These may consist of lifestyle changes, nutritional programmes, nutraceutical supplement support, bio-identical hormones and pharmaceutical medications if necessary.

Intravenous Vitamin Infusions

Intravenous Vitamin Infusions

We offer an array of nutritional intravenous infusions as a more potent way to maximise nutrient absorption. IVs may boost energy, stamina, detoxification processes and immune function. Administered by our doctors for a safe and monitored procedure.

Customised Compounded 

Customised Compounded Treatments

We specialise in providing you with nutraceuticals and hormones that can be made up in the particular form and dose you need. You are unique and your treatment should be made to fit you. Compounding pharmacies are legitimate and regulated pharmacies who specialise in custom-made prescriptions of the highest quality, efficacy and safety.

Genetic Testing

Genetic Testing

Your genes form a blueprint for your health. We understand today, more than ever, that whilst you cannot change your genes, you CAN change how and which genes express themselves into your physical health state. Gene expression is influenced by lifestyle and nutritional factors. This is another, powerful way of understanding your biological uniqueness and furthermore allows you to make the most tailored and appropriate changes to your diet and lifestyle that will best benefit you.

Skin Science with
Biologique Recherche

Skin Science with Biologique Recherche

Biologique Recherche is a world renowned leader in skin science brands. Developed by medical doctors, biologists and physiotherapists, the Biologique Recherche Methodology has a reputation for astounding effectiveness based on clinical approaches to beauty care using pure, raw and concentrated ingredients as well as meticulous protocols and procedures. We offer a variety of non-needle anti-aging and rejuvenating treatments as well as bespoke skin prescriptions.

Body Composition Analysis & 
Weight Loss programmes

Body Composition Analysis & Weight Loss programmes

Have your body composition including fat and muscle percentages properly analysed with our high tech InBody machine to understand your target healthy weight. Keeping abdominal weight to a minimum is protective against chronic health conditions such as heart disease and diabetes.

On Site- Lancet 

On Site- Lancet Laboratories

For your convenience, have your blood tests taken at our practice immediately after consultations.

Common Conditions

  • Hormone imbalances in women- peri/menopause, polycystic ovarian syndrome
  • Pre-conception optimisation
  • Hormone imbalances in men- Testosterone replacement therapy
  • Chronic Fatigue  Adrenal Stress  Burnout
  • Autoimmune diseases such as Crohn’s, Hypothyroidism, SLE, Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
  • Metabolic Syndrome including cholesterol problems
  • Gastrointestinal disturbances- Irritable Bowel Syndrome, food intolerances
  • Medical Weight Loss programmes
  • Health optimisation


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